February 2001

I performed in the US Premiere of The Brecht File at the Clarence Brown Theatre, Knoxville, TN
This production was directed by Veronika Nowag-Jones of the Berliner Ensemble, with an original score by New York jazz artist Sirone.  The play is written by George Tabori, world-renowned Brecht expert and long-standing luminary of the Berliner Ensemble.  The Tabori approach to rehearsal and performance is entirely based on improvisation, which made for an exciting, ever-changing experience.  I played 5 roles: the boxing arena Emcee, Peter Lorre, Father Mulligan (a Catholic priest cheerfully presiding over a gay wedding), Fleischman (an ex-patriot German working for the FBI), and Tattleman (a master wiretapper with a sadistic streak).  Great fun!

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