Mr. and Mrs. Fitch

I love John Lithgow.  I’d love him even if I hadn’t worked with him on that fun video for New York Public Library.  I also love Jennifer Ehle, and sure hope to work with her someday.  I also love Douglas Carter Beane’s plays.  So I had to see Mr. and Mrs. Fitch.  I found myself struck by some sympathies between the play and another play I saw Off-Off Broadway a few months ago, Inventing Avi, by Robert Cary and Benjamin Feldman, starring our dear friend Alix Korey (who was brilliant as a wigged-out producer).  In both cases, the main characters found fame by inventing a make-believe personality–only to have it take life and take over to disastrous effect.  All three playwrights clearly had a lot of fun exploring this clever idea.  Mr. Lithgow and Ms. Ehle were wonderful, of course, playing in a kind of contemporary Noel Coward vein.  It seems they can both truly play anything, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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