New Cast Photo and Fundraising Video for The Violet Hour

Here’s a great photo of our five-person cast: Cheryl Freeman, John P. Keller, me, Lincoln Thompson, and Heather Lee Harper.  Not pictured are fabulous director Nathaniel Shaw and stalwart production stage manager Kerri J. Lynch.

Click the photo to see a cute little fundraising video The Active Theater created for this production.  They asked us all (including the designers) for words to describe this wonderful play.  The variety of answers is fantastic, and should give you some idea of the complexity of this beautiful script.  If you can help Active fund the costs of the production, they would be very grateful, as would I–every little bit truly helps, and their fundraising deadline is our opening night, Friday March 9th.

Again, if you’ll be in town anytime between March 9-25, I urge you to come see this beautiful production.  The play is remarkable.  It’s a mystery to me why it wasn’t a massive hit on its 2003 debut, and why there isn’t already a movie of it.  But then, I think part of its magic is that some of what happens simply wouldn’t be as magical in a movie; you need to see it happen live right there in front of you.  The show is beautifully cast and directed.  And tickets are very inexpensive.

If you are or know casting directors or Off-Broadway producers, urge them to catch this show, and to arrange for their tickets soon!  The house is small, and I’m told tickets are already starting to sell nicely.  This one’s a gem, and the people who see it will be talking about it.  Don’t let it slip by!

If you’re industry, please click here to request tickets for the date of your choice.

You can see the performance calendar, and if you’re any other audience member, you can order tickets, right on The Active Theater’s web site.

See you there!

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