New Year and New Projects!

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while. Many who know me have heard that the wonderful Cheers Live on Stage tour shuttered suddenly halfway through its Chicago run.  The producers simply never found an effective way to advertise the show and accomplish the all-important task of selling tickets. The entire company was devastated by the news; we had become a close-knit band in those 7 weeks together, and it’s taken me some time to adjust to the fact that the promise of 9 months of work on my first national tour was suddenly limited to just those 7 weeks. But what seven weeks they were!

We opened at the Shubert Theatre in Boston, where my late parents used to take me to see the touring productions. I can’t even express how much it meant to me to open in my home town, and to see all my siblings and their spouses, and many of my local friends, at the show. Thank you all!  We then moved on and performed for three weeks in Chicago. All I can say is that Chicago is every bit as magical as I’ve always heard, and I simply can’t wait to find another project that brings me there. It can’t happen soon enough.

So now I’m back in NYC, seeking my next projects. But I can’t thank our wonderful director Matt Lenz enough for bringing me on board for Cheers. Despite the sudden closure and loss of work, I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it for the world. And the cast is still staying actively in touch, encouraging each other, seeing each other perform, and catching up over lunch or a drink. Some bonds last long past the project’s end.


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