Romeo and Juliet Postponed

Well, it was inevitable given the pandemic. But today I’ve had the official news that we must delay the upcoming Shakespeare@ production of Romeo and Juliet. We were set to begin rehearsals April 6th. I had a fantastic experience playing Polonius in Hamlet for the young company’s inaugural production last year, and was thrilled when Artistic Director Sean Hagerty invited me to play Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet this season.

We have a fantastic cast put together, including a number of familiar and fabulous faces from our production of Hamlet. Right now we are hoping that the pandemic will peak and pass over the next two months, so that we can rehearse in May and perform for you all in June.

Sean has created a wonderful new version of the play by culling the best from the various original versions, and it truly deserves to be seen.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Even if we have to postpone until next Spring, we’ll still work to make that happen. As Hamlet famously said “If it be not now, yet it will come.”

Stay safe and stay tuned. ❤️

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