Complete Tempest Radio Play Now Available FREE!

Missing live theatre? Love Shakespeare? Or just love a good story with complex villains and heroes, and some all-out magic? You can now listen FREE to all four episodes Shakespeare@’s beautiful new radio play production of The Tempest with an awesome international cast and audio by Emmy-winning Sonic Designs. Tim and I have listened to the entire production and it is simply wonderful. This fabulous production is adapted and directed by the amazing Sean Hagerty, Artistic Director of Shakespeare@.

You can stream or download us on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and the Shakespeare@ website. Music. Magic. Monsters. Mayhem. And me. For FREE! (I play faithful old court counselor, the chatty Gonzalo.) 😉 Enjoy! ❤️ #OBraveNewWorld (And if you haven’t already heard our acclaimed production of Richard II, it’s available in its entirety for FREE in all the same places!)

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