Romeo and Juliet was a Hit!

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The Curtain’s production of Romeo and Juliet in Jersey City, directed by Artistic Director Sean Hagerty, won wild praise from critics and audiences alike. We had an absolutely fantastic company—every single performance was strong and specific. And everyone praised both the passion and clarity of the production. I am so proud of the amazing young actors Aria Shahghasemi and Anita Pomario as our title characters; they both put themselves on the line every single performance and it was nothing less than thrilling and moving being onstage with them each night. Their chemistry was palpable and it made the inevitable ending all the more tragic. It was an honor to step onstage with Aria, Anita, and our entire company every evening. Audiences are already asking what’s next for The Curtain theatre, back with a bang in this production after the covid lockdown. Stay tuned!

Some selected critical praise:

Andrew Sellon (whom you may recognize from several villain roles on Fox TV’s “Gotham”) brightens every scene he’s in as Friar Laurence.

Standouts include Aria Shahghasemi, as a beautifully understated, amusing and love-struck Romeo, Andrew Sellon, as the grounded, heart-felt and steadfast Friar Laurence, and Anita Pomario, as the riveting, dynamic, and heart-wrenching Juliet.

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