May 2009

King Lear in NYC parks, and a short film, too!

I’ve been cast as the Fool in my second production of King Lear with my friend Donald Grody as the titular monarch.  This time, it’s for the New York Classical Theatre Company here in NYC, whose mission is to provide free professional classical theatre to audiences in NYC parks.  We’ll be performing in June near West 103rd Street in Central Park, then an encore of two weeks down at Battery Park. It’s been a long time since I’ve done outdoor theatre, and this promises to be an exciting production!  Please visit for information. 

I was also hired for a role in a beautifully written NYU thesis film called Free Man by author/director Katie Rotondo.  The shoot will be early May in the NYC area.  I’m very excited about the message of this film, and about the quality of the script.

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