Watch for me in “The Good Fight” on CBS All Access March 12th!

Here I am with Sarah Golden as Nicholas and Courtney Haight on “The Good Fight” for CBS All Access.

Despite the sudden closure of the Cheers Live on Stage tour, I did land one nifty bit part before the end of 2016. I was cast as Nicholas Haight in the upcoming streaming drama, The Good Fight, which will premiere this Spring on the new CBS All Access channel.

My role was small; most of my lines were cut in the rewrites between the audition and the shoot date. That’s showbiz. But they did leave me something choice to say. No spoilers here; you’ll have to tune in to find out!

My two days working on the set with the fabulous Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, Becky Ann Baker, Prema Cruz, and my onscreen “wife” Sarah Golden (pictured here on set with me), were start-to-finish wonderful. Director Alex Zakrzewski was both shrewd and funny; what a pleasure working with him.  He and Christine set the perfect tone for the set.  What a lovely, lovely bunch of people, including the terrific crew. We worked on a Friday and Saturday, and Christine surprised the entire company on Saturday with a fantastic holiday Polish buffet lunch.  A real holiday treat.

I’m only sorry that my “wife” and I aren’t like to recur given our plot line, because I had such a great time with these folks. But I’m thrilled to have been along for episode 4 of this hot new series. And who knows–maybe their clever writer Joey Hartstone will come up with a way to bring Nicholas back into the mix in a surprising new plot line.  😉

Watch for me in Episode 4 of The Good Fight, March 12th on CBS All Access.

What a great way to end one year and begin the next!

I’m Introducing the 1933 Paramount Alice in Wonderland at Film Forum on 12/5

I’ll be giving a very brief intro before the screeFilm Forum Wonderland Screening Promo Cropning of the 1933 Paramount “Alice in Wonderland” film this Sunday, 12/5, at the Film Forum in NYC.  Showtime is 12:45 pm.  For more info and tickets, click here.

If you haven’t seen this vintage, star-filled mashup of the two Alice books, it’s well worth seeing–especially on the big screen.  And I promise to be both pithy and brief.  See you there!

Catch Me Monday 9/29 at 10PM on NBC’s Hit “The Blacklist”!

Sometimes good things happen fast.  Last Thursday night I got a call about an audition for The Blacklist. On Friday, I read for Casting Director Suzanne Smith Crowley of Chrystie Street Casting, who gave me some great coaching, and we both felt good about what we put on tape.  Friday night, my agency told me NBC had “pinned” me for the role.  Monday morning, my agent told me I’d booked the role.  I went in for my fitting late Monday afternoon with the fabulous costume folks, and we shot the brief scene on Tuesday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

My scene takes place with the water and a bridge behind me, which should make for a nice-looking shot.  I won’t say any more about the scene except that I’m the man at the pay phone.  It was great fun watching the set decoration team take a prop phone booth and in about 5 minutes make it look like it had been standing there for a decade.

It’s a fun and mysterious little scene.  Here’s hoping they bring my character back for more!  Director Steve Adelson was great to work with, eager to confer about  the scene and with great ideas on how best to play it.  We shot two clean takes just before we lost the sun, and it was a wrap.  My thanks to Steve, and to everyone else on the shoot as well for a great day.  What a nice bunch of pros.

My scene airs this coming Monday, 9/29, at 10pm on NBC.  Tune in and watch for me!


Did You Spot Me on NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura?

Episode 102 of The Mysteries of Laura aired last night (9/24) on NBC, and if you didn’t blink, you might have seen me as the blind date that Debra Messing dismisses before chasing a suspect. My one line was “You must be Laura!” to which she replied she has already found someone–and then she kissed her surprised co-star, Laz Alonso, and they dashed off. A modest network TV debut, but fun all the same. Ms. Messing, Mr. Alonso, and director McG were all a lot of fun, and I hope our paths cross again soon.

Mysteries of Laura

My New Film “Begin Again” Is Now Playing!

A while back, I reported on filming a very brief scene with Mark Ruffalo for John Carney’s new independent feature film. The film was titled Can a Song Save Your Life?  back then, and when it was shown at the Toronto Film Festival in Fall 2013, the Weinstein company fought for and won the right to distribute the film in the U.S..  They also renamed it Begin Again.

Whenever it plays at a theatre near you, I hope you’ll check it out.  Even if I wasn’t in it, I’d still love it. Mr. Carney is such a good writer and director–so generous to his actors, so good at letting them live in the little details of the moment. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Hailee Steinfeld, Adam Levine, James Condon, Catherine Keener, and a lot more wonderful people. Their performances are all absolutely lovely: simple, honest, revealing. Mr. Ruffalo outdoes himself; he is painfully human and you can’t take your eyes off him.  As with Mr. Carney’s hit film Once, the healing power of music is a major theme, and the songs sung by Ms. Knightly and Mr. Levine are really catchy.

My one little scene is with Mr. Ruffalo, who was a blast on set — kind, funny, and eager to improvise with me.  John Carney was equally easygoing, super nice, and open to playing with his lovely script. What a great shoot. We only did three takes, and I’m so glad one of them made it into the final cut of the film. I sure hope I get to work with these guys again.

My brief scene is early in the film, on the subway. I play a preacher (the character’s name in the credits is “Christian Father”) who gives Mr. Ruffalo some surprisingly helpful advice. I’m so thrilled that Mr. Carney kept some of the “preacher speech” I improvised as a voiceover leading into my scene. If you see the film, post a comment here or on Facebook to let me know what you thought!

Here’s the film’s official trailer:

I Have Added a Videos Page to My Web Site

MamaroshI’m delighted to announce that I’ve just added a Videos page to my web site.  I’ll use the page to display any performance video clips I have permission to share.  The newest clip shows two scenes from my appearance in the foreign film Mamarosh (aka Mamaros in its 2013 European release).  My thanks once again to wonderful writer/director Momcilo Mrdakovic for a great role, a great time on set, and the kind permission to post my scenes here.  My thanks to all the producers who have granted me permission to share these clips!

To visit my new page, click the Videos link on the site menu, or click here!

The Terminal B Sitcom Pilot is Now Available on Vimeo and YouTube!

Terminal B LogoI’m very excited to announce that the full pilot for the Terminal B sitcom I worked on earlier this year is now available online!  This project was a lot of fun, and I hope it will raise enough interest and funding to allow us to make at least a full season with these great characters.

The new web site for the production is:

The site includes case photos and bios, as well as a history of how this project came about.

The producers are releasing the pilot in a couple of ways.  You can watch the full pilot in one sitting on Vimeo, via the main web site.  There is a $1 24 hour rental, or for just $2.99 you can download the whole pilot and watch as many times as you want.  Why is it not free, you ask?  Because any funds raised this way will go toward making future episodes.  So I hope you can chip in $1 or $2.99 to support this indie, fully self-funded project.

You can also watch individual episodes for free on YouTube.  However, as a fundraising incentive, the YouTube series does not include the last 8 minutes of the pilot.  As you can imagine, those last 8 minutes are important, and yes, I’m involved.  If you can support the project so we can make more episodes, the Vimeo approach will give you better quality and a smoother viewing experience.  Otherwise, you can at least see most of the pilot for free on YouTube.

This was a great bunch of people and I have high hopes for the future of this project.  Check it out, support us if you can, and either way, let me know what you think!

My Channel Thirteen PBS iPad App Ad is Running Now!

Thirteen PBS iPad App AdI posted a while back that I had a great time doing a shoot for a pithy little 15 second iPad app ad for Channel Thirteen, NYC’s local PBS station.  I’m delighted to say that the ad is now running on Channel Thirteen at various times on various days.  So if you’re watching Thirteen and you hear the strains of the Ronettes singing “Be My Baby”–that’s our very brief ad starting!  But don’t blink or you will miss us.

At some point, the folks at Thirteen will post the ad on YouTube.  When they do, I’ll embed the link here, as you may not catch the ad on TV.  I had great fun working with Sarah Seeds, my commercial “wife,” and we’re both tickled that our little ad has now been “delivered”!  Sarah plays a woman due to give birth who is so enraptured with her new Thirteen Explore iPad app that she doesn’t want to put it down–even to go to the hospital!

If you’re curious about the fetching hat I’m wearing, it was part of the set decoration, and when we started playing around with what I, as the expectant and anxious father, might be doing to get ready for the trip to the hospital, during one take I grabbed the hat, jammed it on my head, and ran back to check on my “wife.”  The result of that little improv is before you now.

To read more about the nifty Thirteen Explore app that we’re advertising, click here.  I downloaded it myself from the App Store and it’s pretty darn cool!  (And hey, it’s free, too.)  Thanks again to Jennifer and everyone at PBS/Thirteen for such a great experience and such a fun outcome.

Stool Pigeons Sitcom Trailer and Kickstarter Campaign

I’m happy to announce that the trailer is now available for the sitcom pilot Stool Pigeons, in which I play a clueless and abstemious Pastor who finds himself surrounded by hard-drinking oddballs:


If you’d like to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign to help get the pilot post-production work done, please click here.  (Although maybe this one should be called a Kickfinisher campaign?)  Thanks!!


Playing Another Pastor for Web Sitcom Pilot “Stool Pigeons”

I’ve identified some sort of trend in my casting.  A couple of years ago, I played Pastor Manders in a production of Ibsen’s Ghosts.  Last August, I filmed a scene as a subway preacher in the upcoming 2013 film Can A Song Save Your Life? with Mark Ruffalo.  Then last December, I played the Ghost of Jacob Marley in a production of A Christmas Carol.  Now, I’ll be playing a Pastor again.  What’s next–playing the Ghost of a Pastor?  😉

This time, it’s a small but fun role in the pilot of another web sitcom pilot.  This one is called Stool Pigeons and it centers around the denizens of a downtrodden neighborhood bar.  Sort of like a down and dirty version of Cheers.  I attempt to preside over an impromptu memorial performance for one of the characters–but I won’t say which one!  We shoot the pilot the last week of March.

I’ve also just learned that the comedian Gallagher is now attached to the project, so that should make for an amusing shoot!

I’ll share more information when I have it.