A Tea Party Symposium

I was delighted to be invited as the keynote speaker for St. Peter’s College’s recent Lewis Carroll Symposium.  English Club President Jonathan Brantley (wearing the stylish brown hare ears in the photo) and his fellow club members put together a great afternoon of events.  As requested, I gave an informal talk about how I “fell down the rabbit hole” and became a Lewis Carroll fan for life, ending up as President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America.  Jonathan presented a very good paper giving attendees an overview of the creation of the two “Alice” books, and their continuing impact on our culture.  There was also a frabjous and bountiful buffet of Carrollian treats, including some elegant cupcakes bearing Cheshire Cat smiles, or quotes like “Eat Me” and “Drink Me”.  I was very impressed with all the organization that went into the afternoon, and had a great time talking with both students and faculty.  A brillig event!

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