A Tea Party Symposium

I was delighted to be invited as the keynote speaker for St. Peter’s College’s recent Lewis Carroll Symposium.  English Club President Jonathan Brantley (wearing the stylish brown hare ears in the photo) and his fellow club members put together a great afternoon of events.  As requested, I gave an informal talk about how I “fell down […]

February 2010

I had a number of good auditions this month, and a number of callbacks from those.  No bookings, but great feedback, and so I press on!  I also did more Lewis Carroll-related interviews in anticipation of the March release of the Tim Burton “Alice” film sequel.  Interviews included a recorded interview for NPR, and a […]

November 2006

I was elected President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA). This not-for-profit organization’s efforts include educational outreach in the form of readings and performances from the works of Lewis Carroll.  Twice a year I go to schools and give free readings from either Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-Glass and […]

October 2003

I presented the first work-in-progress reading of my new 3-actor full-length version of Through the Looking-Glass Darkly — a Dream Play about Lewis Carroll at NYU’s Fales Library to an audience of over 50 Carroll experts, assisted by actors Tim Sheahan and Elizabeth London.  The response was terrific!