Everyday Rapture

We went to see Everyday Rapture recently, as we had loved Sherie Rene Scott in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  She did not disappoint!  What a lovely, gracious onstage presence.  And then that fabulous voice!  It was no surprise that she can turn on the wattage whenever she wants, but what was especially lovely about this self-created piece was a lot of the quiet moments, of which there seem to be very few in today’s “big” musicals.  I imagine it must be very satisfying for Ms. Scott to be receiving such recognition for a piece she co-wrote, where she had the option of deciding just what aspects of her talent she wanted to share, as we performers so rarely have that level of control.  Ms. Scott is surrounded by a talented supporting cast and band.  The night we saw it, her backup singers were Lindsay Mendez and Natalie Weiss, both of whom rocked, and Eamon Foley scored big-time in an extended second act sequence about an internet teen outreach attempt gone hilariously (and all too believably) wrong.  It was also great to see an artist not afraid to touch on some challenging topics in a mainstream entertainment.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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