Praise for my Nonsense Poem Audio Recordings

I was delighted to learn that Jenny Woolf, author of the fascinating new biography The Mystery of Lewis Carroll, greatly enjoyed the two free nonsense poem audio downloads I created for Storypods Audiobooks over in Oxford, England.  On her Facebook page, Jenny wrote:

“I’ve been in email correspondence with Andrew Sellon, LCSNA president, but never heard his voice. I am enchanted by his wonderful readings of these nonsense poems, winners of an Alice contest run by Oxford Storypods.”

Thanks, Jenny!  I had great fun doing the recordings for Liz and Francis of Storypods.  Both poems are very clever, and it’s great to be able to share some free poetry with the online community.  I hope to record a lot more poetry to share.  If you haven’t already listened to or downloaded the two contest winners, click the image on this post to visit the Storypods site.  While you’re there, check out their own recording of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  and selected letters of Lewis Carroll; it’s delightful.

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