I Share Some Tips on Discounted Arts Tickets in NYC

Recently, my friend Marge Mendel, a very talented writer, asked me to provide some “insider” tips on obtaining discounted Arts tickets in NYC.  She figured that as a professional actor, I might just have a few of those!  😉  As it turns out, I ended up jotting down a long list of tips and she was able to use all of them!  Marge just sent me the link to the completed article.  My main tips all revolve around leveraging the wonderful and indispensable ticket services offered by Theatre Development Fund, aka TDF.  They run the famous TKTS booth, but a lot of people (including some other actors!) don’t realize TDF also offers an online ticket program for arts professionals and public service sector individuals.  The online prices are steeply discounted (much moreso than at the TKTS booths) and you can buy your eTix in advance of the performance date!  If you don’t already know about TDF’s program, I urge you to read Marge’s article.  Just click on the image to jump to the site.  And if you want to read a truly haunting short story that Marge wrote, click here.

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