Smurfs 3D Movie Premieres July 29th!

At long last, the premiere of The Smurfs movie is almost here!  The date has been moved up from August to July 29th.  And today, I received a call from a woman checking the spelling of all the names to appear in the credits, and she confirmed that my little 30-second scene made the final cut!  So while I don’t have any lines, I do have a fun scene with Hank Azaria, Tim Gunn, and Sofia Vergara, and it’ll be a hoot to see myself on “the big screen” for the first time.  And in 3D, no less!  My thanks again to my agent Renée Glicker, casting director Richard Hicks, and director Raja Gosnell for the opportunity to be part of the film.  I had such a fantastic time filming, and I can’t wait to see the finished movie!

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