Great Reviews for “Like Money in the Bank”

IMG_0403Well, “Like Money in the Bank” has closed, so I’ve taken a look at the reviews.  I’m so happy the play and production received so many nice notices.  And I’m tickled that critics enjoyed my work, as I had a great time performing my three very different roles:

The cast is made up of bold, brassy actors, perfectly suited to a period piece. There was no weak link amongst the lot, but Andrew Sellon’s three character’s particularly stood out to me. His understated facial expressions reminded me of David Hyde Pierce’s own worriedly comedic expressions and movements quite a lot.Quick Theatre  (I get compared to David Hyde Pierce pretty much daily, and that makes me very happy as I think he’s terrific.)

Special mention to Andrew Sellon for his role of Lockett (also Socialist and Sidney); his innate talent for comedy is a joy to behold, not only in his characters but as he carries title cards across the stage.  Woman Around Town

And the reviewer from NY Theatre Guide praised all my lovely fellow cast members individually, then ended with this:

But I fell in love with Andrew Sellon’s effervescent characters. He was perfectly moody, manic, kooky and commanding. I adored his scene change unspoken seductive story telling. I found his work polished and quite perfect.NY Theatre Guide

My thanks again to  wonderful playwright Jerry Polner and delightful director Shana Solomon, not to mention each and every one of my cast members and our crew for a great experience.  On to the next project…!

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