New Video with Colin: The Importance of Wearing Masks!

A month ago, despite all my precautions, my doctor told me I had contracted covid-19. I will admit my husband Tim and I were both pretty scared, but my doctor said I was in great shape otherwise, so it would probably not get too bad. Happily, he was right. I had mild flu symptoms for 3 days and self-quarantined for a full week to protect Tim. My doctor said I likely got it from someone not wearing a mask. So Colin and I created and shared a video about the importance of continuing to wear masks in public settings now that the world is starting to open up again. And we also shared some fun bloopers.

You can watch the video and bloopers here on my Instagram account. Enjoy!

Protect yourself, and protect others, too. And if you can donate to @shieldsforheroes please do! This is not over yet, no matter how much we all want it to be. Be safe and stay well. ❤️😷

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