Check it Out! Audition Setup for Success During the Pandemic!

Here’s what auditions look like these days. While it can be frustrating not to physically be in the room with the casting director, live virtual casting is actually pretty darn great, much better than just submitting self-tapes–because the casting director can coach you and give you feedback in real time to help you land the gig. But you need to be set up to succeed. To look your best, consider having:

  • Adjustable ring light with remote control
  • Collapsible plain-colored (chroma key is ideal) background (the one pictured is chroma green on the other side, and comes with reflector covers as well for photography use!)
  • Water in a n0-spill container to whet your whistle (a chapstick is good to have handy, too)
  • Laptop for video audition room
  • iPad or printout for your script
  • (I also have a light-up selenite crystal for a little extra good energy in the room!)

A huge thank you to all the hard-working casting directors who believe in us and coach us to succeed whether in person or online. You all rock.  #bowlingmisciacasting @josydiva @therealbobcline @stephanieklappercasting  @judybowmancasting @brettegoldstein @donna_grossman_casting @wojcikseaycasting @rosalie.joseph #meredithtuckercasting #chrystiestreetcasting and many more!  😀🙏🎉 

The virtual waiting room….
My behind-the-scenes setup.
(If you look closely, my MinuteMaid print ad cast by Donna Grossman is on the wall!)

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