Announcing My Next Exciting Audiobook Project: “Rattle Man”!

The contracts are finally signed, and at last I can share the news:

I’m thrilled to announce my next audiobook project is the wonderful sci-fi fantasy novel Rattle Man by fabulous young author (and former coaching student) E.H. Gaskins! This remarkable first novel is an insanely creative retelling of Rumplestiltskin as an adventure-filled Norse space opera. I think Hollywood will snap this one up fast. It’s terrific and so cinematic. Great characters, great action, and all-around wonderful storytelling. Fans of Star Wars and Dune will love it. Recording starts Monday 10/3! 🎉🎤🎧 #audiobooks #narration #fantasy #sciencefiction

The audiobook will be out before the holidays. But if you want to buy the book in the meantime, you can do that here.

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