May Contest! Win a Copy of My New Audiobook “Black Sails White Rabbits”

BlackSailsWhiteRabbitsI’m celebrating the release of my first audiobook narration, Black Sails, White Rabbits; Cancer Was The Easy Part, by holding a raffle!  

If you’d like to win a FREE copy of this audiobook, just make a comment on this post including your real name before 11:59pm on May 30th, 2016. I will compile all the names, pick one at random, and announce the one lucky winner the first week of June.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait and you’d like to show your support now (not to mention hear a rippingly good tale), this audiobook is now available on,, and on iTunes. If you make this audiobook your first purchase (not freebie) on the Audible website, that helps me even more!

Black Sails White Rabbits is the extraordinary autobiography of sailing athlete Kevin A. Hall, whose dreams of competing in the Olympics and raising a family were put on hold at the age of nineteen when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Then bipolar disorder. Then testicular cancer again. And Kevin’s bipolar disorder takes the form of what is now called “Truman Show Delusion”–when an episode hits, he thinks he’s the star of a global TV program. How Kevin has weathered his illnesses, faced his demons, and achieved his goals makes for one heck of a tale–at turns darkly funny, frightening, surprising, sweet, and moving. Kevin is a super-bright man, and he doesn’t pull any punches; you’re right there with him as it happens–and that’s especially true of the audiobook version. He’s not only a great sailor–he’s a terrific storyteller.

I’m honored that Kevin selected me to narrate his book. He had his choice of some extraordinary talent, but when he attended the Alice150 international convention with our mutual artist friend Wendy Ice in October 2015 in NYC, he saw me perform my new one-man show Through the Looking-Glass Darkly, and decided I was the man for the job. I’m thrilled Kevin is so happy with the resulting audiobook.

If you want to enter my May 2016 raffle, remember to make a comment on this post before June 1st.  If you want to buy the book now, you can use the links included in this post.

If you enjoy the audiobook, and know others who would, please do share this information with them.

Thank you for your support, and good luck!!

My First Audiobook: Black Sails, White Rabbits; Cancer Was the Easy Part

Black Sails Book CoverI’m delighted to share that I’ve just recorded my first audiobook.   And I’m especially thrilled because of how it all came about. As you may know, I’m a major Lewis Carroll/Alice fan, and I presented some staged readings of my new, original play Through the Looking-Glass Darkly at the October 2015 ALICE150 international conference in NYC.

My friend, the multi-talented Wendy Ice (whom I met last winter in Portland, OR when I was performing out there), was in the audience for one of my performances. Wendy is producing a stunning, collectible edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by her insanely talented husband, David Delamare. And that evening, Wendy brought along her friend Kevin Hall, former professional sailor and Olympian, who is also a huge fan of the works of Lewis Carroll. Kevin and I are both coincidentally Kickstarter backers of David and Wendy’s book.

After my performance, my husband Tim and I had dinner with Wendy and Kevin to discuss our various creative projects. It turns out Kevin was about to publish his autobiography, about his dreams of Olympic competition and raising a family, set against his struggles with cancer and bipolar disorder, specifically Truman Show Syndrome. It’s a frank, harrowing, wildly theatrical, and often darkly funny tale of triumphing over adversity and fulfilling your dreams.  It is, like Kevin himself, remarkable.

Long story short, Kevin loved my performance, and a few weeks later asked me if I would like to perform the audiobook of his story. I’ve just completed recording sessions at Star Cloud Studios, and we hope to have the audiobook available on Audible and Amazon sometime later this March.

Sometimes all the stars align, and all the elements for a magical creative project just fall into place.  I couldn’t be more excited to share this amazing story with you.  Stay tuned for release information!