Catching Up With Broadway!

Wow. The last Broadway show we saw before lockdown was The Minutes (with the original cast). That was March of 2020. Between the pandemic (and two cases of covid myself) and my being out of town a lot in 2022 performing, my husband and I had not taken the plunge and returned to seeing Broadway shows.

After I got back from doing Forum at the wonderful Maltz Jupiter Theatre at the end of December 2022, we agreed we really wanted to start going back to live theatre in NYC—but we also agreed we would still do it masked. Thanks to TDF, we were able to catch a bunch of wonderful productions, many of which were about to close. It felt so good getting back to being audience members again, and seeing a lot of truly wonderful pieces and performances. And so far we haven’t caught the latest version of covid. I’m fine with keeping my N95 mask on for seeing shows, especially since most audience members don’t wear masks anymore. I’m used to it, and it’s one less thing to worry about. I’m just so glad to be seeing productions in NYC again!

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