Exciting VR360 Sci-Fi Noir Pilot Coming Soon!

Gosh. Things have been so busy, and there’s more coming. But I wanted to post about a couple of awesome projects I’ve completed so far this year.

In May/June, I spent 2 weeks in Atlanta, GA shooting a wonderful role in a terrific sci-fi/noir TV pilot shot entirely in 360 degree VR! It’s currently called: REST: A Stack Overflow Exception. This pilot is an amazing rethinking of a pilot I shot a few years back (Emily2410). The magical Michele Martin and I reprised our roles as Emily and Sylvester; everyone else was new to the project—although I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of them on other projects by the brilliant Charles Huddleston, including Nija Okoro and John J. Tague. Add Kenny Johnson (SWAT) and Hari Williams, and we simply had a dream cast. Fun shoot locations included a local railway museum that has been used by Spike Lee, among other notable directors, an ominously empty warehouse, and a mirror-filled space filled with gigantic overstuffed thrones in lurid colors.

The script is clever and great fun (the world Charles has created is fascinating!), and shooting in 360VR was a fun challenge for us all. Since the camera can see everything in all directions, the director and crew had to be in the next room, watching on monitors. If post production is done in time, Charles will be submitting the pilot to the Sundance VR Festival this fall, and to other festivals in the U.S. and Europe in coming months. Stay tuned, and have your VR headset ready!


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