You Never Know Where I’ll Turn Up Next

I had to laugh the other day.  Well, I laugh at some point pretty much every day, but this was for a particular reason.  My friend Beth Hylton, a fellow UNC-Chapel Hill PATP graduate, and co-star in the recent Maltz Jupiter Theatre production of The 39 Steps, sent me an e-mail to let me know […]

The Reviews and Photos are in for The 39 Steps!

With the onset of the holidays, I’ve finally found time to sit down and add the reviews and a nifty photo gallery from my recent production of The 39 Steps at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in Jupiter, Florida.  I had a fantastic time there onstage and off, and am only sorry it was over so […]

Great Trailer For The 39 Steps at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre

I know, I know; the show has already closed!  🙁  But I found that the rehearsals and run were so intense that I didn’t have the time or energy to add as many blog posts as I would have liked.  So, I’m adding them now as time allows! Here’s a genuinely clever trailer that the […]

The 39 Steps Opens Tonight!

It’s all happening so fast!  Here we are at opening night already.  We’ll do a few last-minute tweaks this afternoon, then the performance, and after that a grand party at a local restaurant.  Our preview audiences have been wonderful, and we can’t wait to be officially up and running!  It’s too bad the run is […]

The 39 Steps Opens Thursday November 3rd

Wow, this rehearsal period has flown by!  It feels like I just stepped off the plane in sunny Florida the other day, and yet last night we gave our first preview performance of The 39 Steps.  It went very well indeed, and we’re looking forward to putting the show in front of more audiences this […]