The Smurfs Movie: It’s a Wrap!

Last Wednesday, I returned from the gym to find a small FedEx envelope.  Inside was a small manilla envelope with an address label proclaiming The Smurfs Movie.  I opened the envelope to find a lovely invitation announcing “Smurfs – From Belgium to the Bowery – It’s a Wrap!”  So on Saturday night, after seeing The Screwtape Letters, Tim and I headed down to the elegantly retro Bowery Hotel and stopped into the wrap party.  There was a veritable sea of people there, lots of good food, and lively music.  I chatted briefly with Raja Gosnell, the director, and thanked him again.  He said he’s very pleased with our Russian Tea Room scene, so I have my fingers crossed that it will make the final cut.  I asked him if he was gearing up for a few months of editing now, and after a moment of thought, he said with an anticipatory smile, “A year!”  Whew!  I told him I hope he has a lot of fun with the process of adding in the animated Smurfs.  I also ran into Vincent Schicchi and his lovely wife.  Vinnie was key makeup artist for the film.  He kept me looking good for the whole 12 1/2 hour shoot day.  I was sorry to miss seeing Hank Azaria, Sofia Vergara, and Tim Gunn again, not to mention 1st AD Benita Allen and 2nd AD Peter Thorell; I had a great time working with them all and would love to have had a chance to tell them.  I would particularly have liked to touch base with Tim Gunn again about chandelier fashion, as he is a delightful conversationalist, but perhaps another time!

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