The Smurfs Movie Is Out!

Well, today’s the day I make my major motion picture debut.  I play a silent waiter who runs afoul of the villain during a tasteful dinner at the Russian Tea Room.  The scene lasts all of a minute (if they kept the whole thing), but if it’s as funny on film as it was while […]

The Smurfs Movie: It’s a Wrap!

Last Wednesday, I returned from the gym to find a small FedEx envelope.  Inside was a small manilla envelope with an address label proclaiming The Smurfs Movie.  I opened the envelope to find a lovely invitation announcing “Smurfs – From Belgium to the Bowery – It’s a Wrap!”  So on Saturday night, after seeing The […]

Smurfs Movie Scene Completed!

On Tuesday, June 1st, I was at the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan filming my “day principal” scene as a waiter who runs into the rude villain Gargamel in the upcoming Smurfs 3D movie, due out in August of 2011.  Director Raja Gosnell gave me a warm welcome while I was in the makeup trailer.  He […]