Storypods Nonsense Poem Voiceovers

I became acquainted with Liz and Francis, the brains behind the Oxford-based Storypods Audiobooks when I reviewed their charming audio production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a couple of years ago.  This year, Liz told me they were going to sponsor a nonsense writing competition, and asked me to be one of their judges.  I thanked her but declined since I felt that as President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America I should remain neutral.  But I offered to record the two winning poems if my schedule allowed.  Liz thought that was a great idea, and happily there was time, so you can now listen to and download the two charming poems that won the competition.  Just click the image on the right to visit the Storypods site, and enjoy!

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  1. We really enjoyed these, Andrew. A great Scottish accent! My congratulations to the winners for such clever and amusing entries!