Mamarosh Shoot Wraps

I’ve completed my two days of shooting as Dorian, the tense gay TV producer, for the feature film Mamarosh.  My second day of shooting also happened to be the last day of shooting for the entire film, so I was there for the final wrap.  Over the course of shooting, I met and worked with so many nice and talented people it would make a long blog post to list them all, so instead I’ll link to the film’s IMDB info here.  In addition to the film’s stars, my first day of shooting involved a beautiful SOHO loft (supposedly owned by my character), a Persian cat, and a large pot of Army Bean Soup that changes my character’s life.  In the middle of the shoot, the skyline showing through all the loft’s many windows darkened ominously, and a massive lightning and thunder storm ensued, so we had to wait that out.  I found out later that the storm ended up sending tornadoes through Brooklyn and Queens!  My second day of shooting was for a brief non-speaking reappearance of my character on the set of the cooking show my character produces; it’s a cute bit.  And this time there was a vat of that Army Bean Soup!  After shooting wrapped, director Momcilo Mrdakovic made sure the soup was added to the table for the closing meal.  Word has it that they intend to show the film at Cannes next year.  My thanks again to Casting Directors Harley Kaplan and Brandon Powers for this opportunity, and to Moma, the cast, crew, and producers for an exciting experience.  Thanks also of course to my agent Renée Glicker and her team.  I can’t wait to see the finished film.  If you haven’t already viewed the trailer, you can click the image at the right to view it on YouTube.

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