Minute Maid Ad in April 1st Entertainment Weekly!

I love this community.  One of my students from last week’s Learning Solutions 2011 conference alerted me via e-mail yesterday that my Minute Maid ad appeared in Entertainment Weekly, and send me a black & white scan so I could see it.  Another friend on Facebook told me the issue date, and armed with that information, another FB friend sent me a color scan, which you see here.  I was able to go out yesterday and pick up a couple of copies on newsstands where the issue hadn’t already been replaced.  It was the April 1st issue of EW, with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon on the cover.  My full-page ad was on page 14 of that issue.  If you see it popping up anywhere else in the media, please do let me know!  My sister would particularly like to see it on the side of a bus or truck, I think.  😉  My thanks to Robin and Charlie and Cheryl for the detective work; I really appreciate it!  When you look at this wacky image, keep in mind that Bertha the makeup artist painted on each of those kisses by hand.  Pretty impressive!  My thanks again to brilliant photographer Finlay Mackay, and all the folks at Minute Maid, the Doner Agency, and Jed Root, Inc. for a great shoot.

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