Minute Maid Ad in May 16 ESPN Magazine!

Well, that wacky full-page ad of me covered with kisses after drinking Minute Maid orange juice has now surfaced again on page 28 of the May 16th issue of ESPN Magazine.  You can’t miss the issue–the cover has a really graphic illustration of a matador being gored by a bull.  Charming.  Instead of looking at the cover, I suggest you turn directly to page 28 and have a chuckle.  No bull!  The magazine is even larger format than Entertainment Weekly, and includes a related side bar on page 29, which gives the effect of an even larger ad.  Very fun!  Thanks to my buddy Aaron for giving me the heads-up about this one.  And if you see my kiss-covered face popping up in other publications, please do let me know.  Thanks!

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