Minute Maid Ad in May 26th People Magazine

My buddy Katherine (from my old BMI Workshop days) tells me that my Minute Maid ad has now surfaced in the May 23rd issue of People magazine.  So my kiss-covered face is definitely making the rounds.  Thanks for letting me know, Kathryn!  If anyone else spots my ad somewhere new, please do let me know.  […]

Minute Maid Ad in May 20th Issue of Entertainment Weekly

My buddy Lydia reports that my Minute Maid ad shot by the wonderful Finlay MacKay has resurfaced in the May 20th issue of Entertainment Weekly.  She notes that the issue’s lead story is aptly titled “Bad Boys.”  😉  Thanks, Lydia!  If anyone else sees me out there, give a holler!  My sister is still waiting […]

Minute Maid Ad in May 16 ESPN Magazine!

Well, that wacky full-page ad of me covered with kisses after drinking Minute Maid orange juice has now surfaced again on page 28 of the May 16th issue of ESPN Magazine.  You can’t miss the issue–the cover has a really graphic illustration of a matador being gored by a bull.  Charming.  Instead of looking at […]

Minute Maid Ad in April 1st Entertainment Weekly!

I love this community.  One of my students from last week’s Learning Solutions 2011 conference alerted me via e-mail yesterday that my Minute Maid ad appeared in Entertainment Weekly, and send me a black & white scan so I could see it.  Another friend on Facebook told me the issue date, and armed with that information, another […]

Minute Maid Love Fest

In an earlier post, I shared my tale of auditioning for and landing a Minute Maid print ad.  When the shoot day came, I arrived a little bit early and as expected, the studio was already abuzz with activity.  A series of people introduced themselves to me and welcomed me graciously.  I was hearing a […]

Love and Kisses at the Minute Maid Audition

Every once in a while, I have an audition experience that’s just a hoot.  And sometimes all that fun leads to a great gig!  My agent recently scheduled me for a print ad audition for Minute Maid.  The  instructions were to show up looking like a particularly geeky and dull accountant type, mismatched shirt & tie, […]