My Channel Thirteen PBS iPad App Ad is Running Now!

Thirteen PBS iPad App AdI posted a while back that I had a great time doing a shoot for a pithy little 15 second iPad app ad for Channel Thirteen, NYC’s local PBS station.  I’m delighted to say that the ad is now running on Channel Thirteen at various times on various days.  So if you’re watching Thirteen and you hear the strains of the Ronettes singing “Be My Baby”–that’s our very brief ad starting!  But don’t blink or you will miss us.

At some point, the folks at Thirteen will post the ad on YouTube.  When they do, I’ll embed the link here, as you may not catch the ad on TV.  I had great fun working with Sarah Seeds, my commercial “wife,” and we’re both tickled that our little ad has now been “delivered”!  Sarah plays a woman due to give birth who is so enraptured with her new Thirteen Explore iPad app that she doesn’t want to put it down–even to go to the hospital!

If you’re curious about the fetching hat I’m wearing, it was part of the set decoration, and when we started playing around with what I, as the expectant and anxious father, might be doing to get ready for the trip to the hospital, during one take I grabbed the hat, jammed it on my head, and ran back to check on my “wife.”  The result of that little improv is before you now.

To read more about the nifty Thirteen Explore app that we’re advertising, click here.  I downloaded it myself from the App Store and it’s pretty darn cool!  (And hey, it’s free, too.)  Thanks again to Jennifer and everyone at PBS/Thirteen for such a great experience and such a fun outcome.

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