Catch Me Monday 9/29 at 10PM on NBC’s Hit “The Blacklist”!

Sometimes good things happen fast.  Last Thursday night I got a call about an audition for The Blacklist. On Friday, I read for Casting Director Suzanne Smith Crowley of Chrystie Street Casting, who gave me some great coaching, and we both felt good about what we put on tape.  Friday night, my agency told me NBC had “pinned” me for the role.  Monday morning, my agent told me I’d booked the role.  I went in for my fitting late Monday afternoon with the fabulous costume folks, and we shot the brief scene on Tuesday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

My scene takes place with the water and a bridge behind me, which should make for a nice-looking shot.  I won’t say any more about the scene except that I’m the man at the pay phone.  It was great fun watching the set decoration team take a prop phone booth and in about 5 minutes make it look like it had been standing there for a decade.

It’s a fun and mysterious little scene.  Here’s hoping they bring my character back for more!  Director Steve Adelson was great to work with, eager to confer about  the scene and with great ideas on how best to play it.  We shot two clean takes just before we lost the sun, and it was a wrap.  My thanks to Steve, and to everyone else on the shoot as well for a great day.  What a nice bunch of pros.

My scene airs this coming Monday, 9/29, at 10pm on NBC.  Tune in and watch for me!


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