Catch Me Monday 9/29 at 10PM on NBC’s Hit “The Blacklist”!

Sometimes good things happen fast.  Last Thursday night I got a call about an audition for The Blacklist. On Friday, I read for Casting Director Suzanne Smith Crowley of Chrystie Street Casting, who gave me some great coaching, and we both felt good about what we put on tape.  Friday night, my agency told me NBC had […]

Did You Spot Me on NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura?

Episode 102 of The Mysteries of Laura aired last night (9/24) on NBC, and if you didn’t blink, you might have seen me as the blind date that Debra Messing dismisses before chasing a suspect. My one line was “You must be Laura!” to which she replied she has already found someone–and then she kissed […]