I Begin a Small Recurring Role on “Gotham” with the 9/21 Season Premiere on Fox Network!

I can’t say who I play or what happens, but at last I can reveal that over the summer months, I’ve been shooting with the fabulous cast, crew, directors, and producers of the hit Batman prequel, Gotham.  My first appearance will be in the Season 4 Premiere tonight (9/21) on the Fox Network.

I’ve never worked on a nicer set, or with a nicer bunch of people–despite the shocking things they sometimes do onscreen!  I’m simply having a blast.  I don’t know myself how long this will go, but I’m enjoying every moment.  The episodes are so cleverly written, and the characters are all so much fun–it’s compulsive watching!

If you enjoy seeing my character, and want him to stick around, by all means let the show know!  They take their fan base extremely seriously–your voice counts.

Thanks, and enjoy!  More after the first episode airs.


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