Shakespeare in Virtual Reality!

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. In a good way. At the same time I was offered the plum role of Polonius in the Shakespeare@ stage production Hamlet on the East Coast, I was also offered the role of another classic Shakespearean advisor on the West Coast: Gonzalo in The Tempest. And this Tempest had a twist I couldn’t resist: it’s a pilot for a science-fiction version of the classic play, filmed in Virtual Reality (VR). Plus, in this interpretation, Gonzalo is an android–a kind of Elizabethan C3PO!

I was able to fly out to LA to shoot The Tempest VR pilot midway through rehearsals for Hamlet. Producer/Director Charles Huddleston ran a tight (and super fun) spaceship and we even wrapped production early. Watch for our pilot episode of The Tempest VR at film festivals in Fall 2019!

Gonzalo, trusty android advisor
A mysterious space storm causes concern….
Some of our fabulous cast: Nija Okoro (Sebastian), Michele Martin (Miranda), Adam Langton (Boatswain), and yours truly.

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