Join Me in Solving “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” at Riverside Theatre January 16-February 4!

I’m thrilled to announce I’m playing the fabulous role of hapless theatre geek Bazzard in Rupert Holmes’ remarkable musical comedy whodunnit, The Mystery of Edwin Drood at the beautiful Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, Florida.


If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s based on the mystery novel Charles Dickens left unfinished at his untimely death. Dickens left no hints as to where the plot strands would end up, so the multi-talented composer-librettist-lyricist Mr. Holmes decided to play detective himself, and created the first interactive show on Broadway. The original production was nominated for 11 Tony Awards, and won 5–with 3 of them going deservedly to Mr. Holmes.


The show takes place at the mythical Victorian theatre, the Music Hall Royale. In the course of the evening, the audience gets to vote on the real identity of the mysterious detective Dick Datchery, as well as of the murderer, and even which two characters (however unlikely!) end up as lovers by the final curtain. This means those of us in the show have to learn all the possible endings the audience might select, and be ready to perform any of them at a moment’s notice, based on the audience’s voting. It’s insanely fun. This is fantastic show for audience and performers alike–a true gift to theatre lovers (and mystery and Dickens lovers).


We play January 16-February 4 only, at the intimate WaxLax stage of Riverside Theatre. The cast is simply terrific–beautiful voices, and great comic timing. There are only about 150 seats per performance, so if you’re going to be in the area, buy your tickets now. In fact, if you want a chance at seeing more than one ending, plan to come to a couple of different performances! We literally never know how the show will end until the audience tells us.


The Mystery of Edwin Drood is witty, mysterious, bawdy, romantic, melodramatic, insane, and all around good fun. There’s even a bar onstage for patrons wishing to enhance the merriment with beer or wine! Truly, this is a don’t miss.  And Vero Beach is a pretty awesome place to be during the winter!


And if you’re a Gotham fan, this is a chance to see a whole new singing and dancing side of the man behind Mr. Penn!  😉


See you there!

Reminder: Join Me Live for the Everything Geek Podcast on Saturday, December 9th at 4pm EST!

Just a quick reminder: If you’re a Gotham fan, you won’t want to miss the Everything Geek Podcast this Saturday, December 9th at 4pm EST.  The podcast will be live, and I’ll be their guest for a freewheeling chat about Gotham, and who knows what else!

Here again is the link for Saturday’s live broadcast:

Join us live this Saturday for a fun and freewheeling chat!  And if you have any questions for me, make sure you send them along ahead of time to Ruari Williamson at the Everything Geek Podcast Facebook page:

Gotham Fans: I Am the Guest for the Live Everything Geek Podcast on Saturday 12/9 at 4pm EST!

If you’re enjoying my work as Mr. Penn on the fabulous fourth season of Gotham, tune in this Saturday 12/9 at 4pm Eastern when I will be the special guest on the Everything Geek Podcast!  The discussion will touch on my plot line in Gotham, including the shocking fall season finale, and also on other areas of my interests and activities.

Here’s the link for Saturday’s live broadcast:

Join us live this Saturday for a fun and freewheeling chat!  And if you have any questions for me, make sure you send them along ahead of time to Ruari Williamson at the Everything Geek Podcast Facebook page:

PS: If you miss the live podcast, I’ll share a link for the recording whenever it becomes available.  But join us live, if you can.  This will be my first live fan podcast, and anything could happen!  😉

More Fan Mail for Mr. Penn on Gotham Season 4!

Wow, this is cool.  My agent’s office called the other day to say I received another piece of fan mail at their office for my work as Mr. Penn on Gotham.  And the enclosed note included another extremely organized (and laminated!) autograph kit.  I’m really impressed by the care Gotham fans put into their collections–but maybe I shouldn’t be, given all the care that goes into making every episode of Gotham.  The attention to detail in both cases is really impressive.

So I need to fill this one out and pop it in the mail–I do appreciate that autograph seekers are including self-addressed, stamped envelopes.  Otherwise, following up wouldn’t be possible.

And you know what?  While I was typing this post, I heard from my agent’s office again–I need to stop by tomorrow to pick up another piece of fan mail!

I’m truly grateful, and so happy Gotham fans are enjoying Mr. Penn.  I’m having the time of my life with the entire Gotham gang.

Gotham Mid-Season Finale on December 7th is a True Shocker!

Oh, my.  Where to begin?  Poor Mr. Penn appears briefly in the opening scenes of Gothan’s spectacular mid-season finale on December 7th, and things just aren’t going his way….

Any number of characters are in peril in this amazing episode.  Including Mr. Penn.  And at least one character meets a shocking end.  Who will it be??

The only way to find out is to watch Thursday night on Fox.  And keep your fingers crossed that Mr. Penn makes it out alive…!

My First Autograph Request for Mr. Penn on Gotham

My agent’s office called yesterday to let me know I’d received a piece of fan mail there.  I stopped by to pick it up, and it’s my first autograph request for my work as Mr. Penn on Fox’s Gotham.  I’m delighted.

It’s also the most organized autograph request I’ve ever received!  The note includes a nicely laminated autograph card with a picture of me as the redoubtable Mr. Penn, along with a self-addressed return envelope.  Love it.

I don’t know how long the Gotham experience will last, but I’m enjoying every moment with this wonderful cast and crew.  Keep watching to see what happens next…!

Mr. Penn Returns Again in Episode 408 of Gotham on Thursday, November 9th!

Great news!  Mr. Penn returns to Gotham again tonight for a couple of scenes in Episode 408 of Fox’s hit drama Gotham.  And he has some news for Mr. Cobblepot (aka The Penguin).  I can’t reveal anything beforehand, of course, but I can promise it’s another episode filled with the show’s signature dark humor and deliciously shocking plot twists.

Tune in tonight and watch the plot unfold…!