Episode 4 of The Disengaged Dozen is Now on YouTube

I’m back online in part four of the six-part series The Disengaged Dozen.  This time, my character Benny the Boss is faced with employee Sandy Bagger, an unhappy and devious camper determined to pull the rug out from under Benny.  David Perlman is a hoot as Sandy, and I had great fun playing straight man […]

The Disengaged Dozen Web Ads Filmed

We were scheduled to shoot the six web ads for Bernard Hodes Group from 8:30am-4pm on Friday, 5/7.  The shoot went so smoothly that despite starting late due to some technical issues, we wrapped at 3:25!  It was a great day; everyone involved in front of and behind the camera was talented, nice, and fun.  […]