Episode 3 of The Disengaged Dozen is now on YouTube

This week, I return as Benny the Boss in the 6-part sitcom series The Disengaged Dozen.  My co-star (or is that co-conspirator?) is the very funny Fleur Phillips, who, when not playing withholding killjoy Cher Nothing, is in fact both lovely and delightful.  Once again, Benny must find a way to re-engage an eccentric and wayward employee.  […]

Episode 2 of The Disengaged Dozen is Now on YouTube

Episode 2 of “The Disengaged Dozen” is now online!  Just click the image on the right to launch the video on YouTube.  This time my character Benny the Boss helps out Nervous Neddie, an employee so terrified of something going wrong that he can’t get anything right.  It turns out that Guy Olivieri, who makes […]

Disengaged Dozen Update

I’ve just learned that Episode 2 of the web series The Disengaged Dozen (in which I appear as the plucky Benny the Boss) should be on YouTube and elsewhere starting Tuesday, July 6th.  Stay tuned for the saga of Nervous Neddie…!  The remaining four episodes are now scheduled to be posted every two weeks, on Tuesdays.

The Disengaged Dozen Episode 1 is on YouTube!

The first of the six zany web commercials I shot recently for the very creative folks at Bernard Hodes Group has just been posted on YouTube.  Think 50’s sitcom on helium.  They were a lot of fun to film, and everyone involved was incredibly nice as well as talented.  I’ve seen the final version of […]