Gotham Episode 503 is a Game-Changer

The Gotham table read for Episode 503 was as exciting as the first two. And filming the episode was intense. No Man’s Land is a deadly place. And Tze Chun’s surprise-filled script was a real killer. Plus, we filmed some scenes of this episode during one of the hottest weeks of 2018. But the cast and crew were all troupers (and the crew took such amazing care of the cast!). I think the resulting footage will be amazing to watch.

It was fantastic being with everyone again, on and off set. And I’m thrilled Rob Bailey directed this one. He directed me in one of my favorite episodes last season, Ep408.  Rob directed Ep503 with full command of the epic drama unfolding, and at the same time such sensitivity for the quieter, heartbreaking moments. One scene was especially hard for Robin and me; when you see the episode you’ll have no trouble figuring out which one it was. Rob and our wonderful DP David Stockton were so considerate and respectful.  I’m deeply grateful for that.

We had such an exciting, emotional time on set every day and night.  It was so hard to say goodbye.

I’m going to miss this bunch beyond words.

Gotham Episode 503 Table Read
Gotham Episode 503 Table Read

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