Auditioning 101: More Tales of Terror From the Audition Hall

Occasionally, I post about the importance of professional behavior at auditions.  Call me Mister Manners.  Since it’s getting close to Halloween, I decided it’s time for another installment.  I was at the lovely new Actors Equity lounge (with free wi-fi!) in Midtown NYC one afternoon between auditions the other day.  While there, I witnessed some […]

Auditioning 101: The Audition Reader

Here’s another installment of my tips for aspiring actors series: Anytime you’re asked to perform a scene for an audition, the casting director or producer will provide a person to act as the Reader opposite you. The Reader may turn out to be an excellent actor, or in some unfortunate instances, a casting admin drafted […]

Auditioning 101: The Audition Monitor

I was at an appointment-only commercial audition recently where I was reminded that there are still plenty of actors out there who are getting in their own way even before they set foot into the audition room.  The audition was running late, and the monitor checking people in and collecting headshots had her hands full. […]