More Fan Mail for Mr. Penn on Gotham Season 4!

Wow, this is cool.  My agent’s office called the other day to say I received another piece of fan mail at their office for my work as Mr. Penn on Gotham.  And the enclosed note included another extremely organized (and laminated!) autograph kit.  I’m really impressed by the care Gotham fans put into their collections–but maybe I shouldn’t be, given all the care that goes into making every episode of Gotham.  The attention to detail in both cases is really impressive.

So I need to fill this one out and pop it in the mail–I do appreciate that autograph seekers are including self-addressed, stamped envelopes.  Otherwise, following up wouldn’t be possible.

And you know what?  While I was typing this post, I heard from my agent’s office again–I need to stop by tomorrow to pick up another piece of fan mail!

I’m truly grateful, and so happy Gotham fans are enjoying Mr. Penn.  I’m having the time of my life with the entire Gotham gang.

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