The Epic Season 5 Premiere of Gotham Will Blow Your Mind

This shot is from the table read for Episode 502. I”m not actually in this episode, but sat in on the great read-through after finishing filming on 501.

When the Fox network made the decision to order only 10 episodes of Gotham instead of the expected full 22-episode season, and when they further announced this would be the show’s final season, I was heartbroken, along with Gotham fans around the world.  I knew the producers and writers had planned all along for seven full 22-episode seasons to tell the origin story of Batman and his many villainous foes.

But Executive Producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller, along with all the producers and writers, have taken this adversity as a final challenge.  After pushing the envelope for four solid seasons, they are holding nothing back with their 10 “grand finale” episodes.

John Stephens wrote the Season 5 premiere, Year Zero, and it is simply incredible.  The storytelling is complex, dark, surprising, and intense.  And it sets the stage for some astonishing scenes to come.  Danny Cannon directed the episode; this was my third episode working with Danny, and once again a pure joy.  We all worked hard and efficiently, but we had a great time, too. Danny’s knowledge of every aspect of every lens, every angle, and every nuance of a performance–and his ability to communicate exactly what he wants in a few words–makes it fantastic to be on set with him. Listening to Danny talk with his team about the finer points of lens work and framing has been an education in itself (but then, look at his beautiful photographs on Instagram–this man knows framing and color and light). I am grateful for every moment on this set–and in case you’re wondering, the spirit on set is great. Episode 501 was Danny’s last Gotham directing gig. That can’t be easy for him, given how much he loves this show. I can’t even imagine. We should all salute him for the world he helped create and define.  Thank you, Danny.

Because of the late scheduling, I was still teaching in Colorado at the time of the Episode 501 table read. But I was able to participate via conference call with this great bunch.

It’s a shame Fox can’t appreciate just how extraordinary Gotham is. And it’s astonishing to me that another network hasn’t already stepped in to snap up the show and continue it through its intended seven seasons. The television world will be much poorer when the inspired insanity of Gotham is no longer on the air. And forget the outdated Nielsen rating system; advertisers will find themselves desperately wishing they could align with a genuinely original and hip show like Gotham once it’s gone.

I am honored to have been invited back to make an appearance in Season 5.  And I promise Gotham fans this: Danny and the entire team are going out all guns blazing.  Literally.

Fasten your seatbelts, Gotham fans.  This last season is going to be EPIC.

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